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Fraternal Organizations, by Alvin J. Schmidt

Hardcover: 410 pages

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group; (February 1981)

ISBN: 0313214360

“Eagles, Odd Fellows, Rainbow Girls, the Grange, the Ku Klux Klan, and many other groups can be found in this alphabetically arranged encyclopedia of extant fraternal societies in the United States and Canada... Each of the 400 or so entries furnishes a brief history, lists the number of members and the membership qualifications, discusses causes supported and benefits derived from membership, describes the ritual, and mentions reference sources... The opening chapter is an entertaining and informative history of the place of fraternal organizations in American culture.”





How to Respond—The Lodge, by L. James Rongstad

(The negative Amazon reviews are by Lodge members, so must be viewed in that light.)

Saddlestitch: 64 pages

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis

Item Number: 12-6003

ISBN: 057004670X


“Masons claim to have a purer truth than any other religion, yet their ‘truth’ is steadfastly kept secret,” the author says.  This book takes an in-depth look at the teachings of the Masonic Lodge and its influence on many Christians.  On the surface, the Lodge promotes many positive moral values, but a deeper look reveals that at its core, the Lodge sidesteps the clear truth of God’s Word and denies Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This book explains the Lodge’s view of salvation and Scripture and reveals the reason for their emphasis on secrecy.





Masonic Lodge, by George A. Mather, Larry A. Nichols (Contributor)

Paperback, 96 pages

Publisher: Zondervan, (May 11, 1995)

ISBN: 0310704219


“This examination of the Masonic Lodge is part of the Zondervan Guide to Cults and Religious Movements, a series that seeks to provide concise, biblical answers about perplexing religious groups.”





The following publications by Concordia Publishing House are out-of-print but might be found in your congregation’s library, pastor’s library, or an online used book retailer:


Strange Altars, by J.W. Acker, 1959, 94 pages, CPH #14-1104.


“Should I Join a Fraternal Society?”, by Walter A. Maier, Jr., 1961, 22 pages, CPH #13-1152.


Freemasonry in the Light of the Bible, 1954; reprint, CPH, 1976.







Concordia Theological Monthly 12, No. 8 (Aug. 1951): 372-379.  Paul Martin Bretscher, Freemasonry and the Convocation of Canterbury


Concordia Theological Monthly 26, No. 2 (Feb. 1955): 96-115.  Paul Martin Bretscher, The Masonic Apostasy from Christ


Concordia Theological Monthly 39, (July-Aug. 1968): 476-496. John W. Constable, Lodge Practice Within the Missouri Synod.  A report summarizing the views of those in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod who offer reasons why the church should remain opposed to the Lodge.


Journal of Voluntary Actions Research (January 1972): 46-55.  Alvin J. Schmidt and Nicholas Babchuk, “Formal Voluntary Organizations and Change Over Time: A Study of American Fraternal Organizations” (If you have a link to this article please email LIL.)


Phylon 34 (Fall 1973): 275-282.   Alvin J. Schmidt and Nicholas Babchuk, The Unbrotherly Brotherhood: Discrimination in Fraternal Orders


Christian News, Volume 31, No. 21 (May 24, 1993)“Masonry is Anti-Christian.”  This entire issue of Christian News is dedicated to Freemasonry and the reasons why Christians should not be Lodge members.


The Lutheran Witness, April, 1993.  “Why Does the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Object to Membership in Lodges?” (This is included in the issue of Christian News linked above. It is on page 4 of the pdf.)







“What’s Behind the Lodge Door?”


6 pages
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis
Item Number: 10-1688
ISBN: 0570049296

This excellent introduction to the topic of Lodges is unfortunately out-of-print. Your congregation may have some tucked away in a cupboard or closet.




Do you know of any other good books, periodicals or tracts written by Lutherans regarding lodges?  E-mail LIL and they will be added to this page.