Lutherans Informed about Lodges (LIL)

Masonic Morality


From: Question of the Attitude of the Church Toward the Lodge System

“The writer of this article recalls a Masonic burial which he once witnessed. The man who died had been a Free Mason. Although he was a married man and had a family, he had been living for thirteen years, up to the time of his sudden accidental death, in adultery with another woman. He received no Christian burial; but his brother Masons buried him. They assembled around his grave with their little aprons and other paraphernalia on and went through their long ritualistic service; and the chaplain, who led the service, said among other things, that it had pleased the Great Architect of the Universe and Head of the Lodge Triumphant to translate our good, departed brother from the lodge on earth to the lodge above; and all the members present at the grave responded, ‘So mote it be.’ And this man who had died impenitent in his sins was sent directly into heaven. He was a member of the lodge and had paid his dues, and naturally went where all good lodge men go. Is it right for the Church to keep silent and fail to enter its earnest protest against such deception, which is subversive of all the fundamental principles of Christianity?”



From the Master Mason’s Ceremony:


“I do promise and swear that I will not have illicit carnal intercourse with a Master Mason’s wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter, nor suffer it to be done by another if in my power to prevent.”

Apparently “illicit carnal intercourse” with anyone else’s wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter is not a problem.


See also: The Unbrotherly Brotherhood: Discrimination in Fraternal Orders, Phylon 34 (Fall 1973): 275-282,  Alvin J. Schmidt and Nicholas Babchuk.