Lutherans Informed about Lodges (LIL)

Job’s Daughters
Order of the Rainbow



Job’s Daughters

This order was organized by Masons for female relatives of Master Masons between the ages of 12 and 20 and for other girls who might eventually become members of the Eastern Star.  Its headquarters are at Omaha.  National in scope, it seeks “to band together daughters, sisters, nieces, and grand-daughters of Master Masons and of members of the Eastern Star for the betterment of social conditions and to teach practical things.”  The members are to be impressed with a love of home and country, and with a reverence for the Bible.  The Book of Job is used for character guidance.  There are no prayers in Jesus’ name.  Salvation is by character: “Righteous service will lead to life eternal.”




Under Masonic sponsorship, this Order opens its membership to female relatives between ages of 12 and 18 of Masons or Eastern Stars, or friends of Rainbow Girls.  There is a ritual permeated with deism that speaks of heaven attained by good moral conduct apart from Christ and His atoning work.  All prayers omit the name of Jesus.  The ritual refers to the Bible as “the rule of right living for all” not the Gospel of Christ’s love.



From: Fraternalism in the Light of Scripture